JV Players - Uniforms

JV Players only

If you are new to the club or you have outgrown your jerseys from this past season you will need to visit TGP Sports at the Rec-Plex for a fitting. Let them know that you need to be fitted for a Liberty High School jersey. The cost for the home/away jerseys and socks package is $284 plus tax and you are responsible for payment. Bring your shoulder pads to the fitting.

If your returning player is in need of JUST uniform socks they are $17/pair plus tax. Just send me an EMAIL on the socks along with size and I'll order additional through TGP and can be reimbursed.

League games can begin in late October and all players must meet the uniform requirements set forth by MidStates Hockey. Please visit TGP Sports at your earliest convenience. Jerseys are taking a MINIMUM of 8-weeks. Existing players will keep their current jersey number. New players will choose their jersey number based on the order they register (which is forthcoming) and the available numbers. You will NOT need your jersey number for the fitting in order to speed things up.

Each new Liberty player receives a pair of custom Warrior gloves in the Liberty colors. Players that are new to Liberty should try on a pair of Warrior gloves at TGP while there. You will just need to let me know the size and the club will order and pay for the gloves. If you are a returning player wanting a new set of gloves, you can try them on as well or email me the correct size. We will add these gloves to the order however, you will be responsible for reimbursing the club for the $95/pair plus tax cost. ALL GLOVE SIZES NEED TO BE EMAILED TO ME!

All players on the JV team are required to wear NAVY colored hockey pants to comply with the Mid States Hockey rule. A navy shell is an acceptable alternative. Players will be responsible for complying with the rules and purchasing the required items. Moving forward, the Club will evaluate the need for matching shells as we get closer to fielding the Varsity team. See below:

4-G-1 UNIFORMS A. All players, on a team, must be dressed in a similar color and design jerseys, pants and socks, or long pants. Goalies may wear sweat pants, which are similar in color to the team’s socks. Failure to have proper uniforms, during the game, will result in a two (2) minute minor penalty and the player will be removed from the ice and not allowed to continue play until the uniform infraction is corrected. The MSCHA Board of Directors may give a written waiver to this rule, but the team must have this waiver present at each game. Under no circumstances will a player display on his uniform anything other than the school name, logo player’s name and number. (Advertising, sponsors, and other information will cause the player to be removed from the game.)

More information regarding the B-team and jerseys will follow soon.

Questions? Please feel free to ask.

Jeff Johnson | onetimer39@aol.com